7 travel resolutions to aim for in 2018

7 travel resolutions to aim for in 2018

So are we set, to travel in 2018? Traveling has turned a bit easier as compared to early days with a lot of tech development, changes in rules and laws of different countries and payment feasibilities. But how different will your personal journeys be this year? Make traveling a lot more comfortable and meaningful by considering these travel resolutions below.

Optimise your gadget use when abroad.


A few new gadgets have been recognised as the staple gadgets for your next travel, like an anti-theft traveling bag, advanced power banks, and travel emergency kits. Then, there are Apple products: always handy, multipurpose and portable. It’s better to travel with only as little devices as possible, and use one multipurpose gadget whenever you travel so you can avoid hassle and prevent theft. Also gather the best traveling apps that fulfill your basic needs before leaving for a trip. Appropriate gadget planning can make your journey breezier and stress-free.

Learn and pick up new languages.

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Though English is spoken in most parts of the world today, it would be much more meaningful to know the local languages and dialects of the destinations you are visiting. Why not pick up a new tongue if you have extra time abroad? Learning the languages of different places opens you up to new dimensions surrounding a culture and connects you with its people in deeper ways. And one tends to enjoy better and roam easier when knowing a little bit of his new land’s primary language.

Make effort into the authenticity of your trips.

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While you are traveling, you are stepping out into a different place with a different culture of people, food and beliefs. No matter what the purpose of your trips, ensure that you make the most out of them this year! Seek uncharted information regarding local attractions, try as much local food as you can, make new friends that last an impression on you, or adopt new hobbies typical of the local cultures. Feel the differences, note down what you like or dislike about the things you see, hear, feel, and taste.

Spend less on shopping and more on memories.


Many today prioritise shopping when traveling, which can take up a lot of time and energy, not to mention money. Why not try a new rule of thumb: to buy only one thing that you don’t already have, per destination? And buy what is unique and different; spend less, if not zero, money on things that you can get back home. Take a break, enjoy the flowers on the road, and enlighten your soul.

Prioritise safety at all cost, in all cases.


Everyone knows the international political affairs have made traveling a bit riskier. Always make sure that you are safe and secure with all necessary paperwork and immigration requirements intact. You’d never know when a thorough individual checking at airports and even hotels could offend you, thus ruining your day and causing delays. Stay cautious, seek help from security resources if needed, and always make a detailed plan for your stopovers.

Be on the lookout for alternative destinations.


Fulfill your wanderlust by visiting a destination that is different than what you are used to. Tired of snow? Check out tropical places that are less air and noise polluted. Never been in the jungle? Book trips that involve exploration of the nature. Of course, whatever you do, it’s good to take note that early bookings help you get the best discount rates.

Always stay updated and prepped.


Google flights app is one of the best-known app for traveling and flight updates, so stay knowledgeable with it! Try to keep as many foreign notes as you can for later use. Since ticket fares are possibly rising this year, it’s always good to keep abreast of every travel details out there.

Tell us about your resolutions for this year in the comments below!

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