The world’s most breathtaking vegan hotels

The world’s most breathtaking vegan hotels

Becoming vegan is more than a fad. It can actually help to change the world for the better, so much so that veganism does not stop at just food and clothes. Whether you are have forgone meat and dairy or not, it would behove you to learn that vegan hotels do exist in the world. Truly, their conscious environments are made for everyone. Here’s a look at six vegan hotels that stand out from the rest.



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Amilla Fushi in the Maldives is considered one of the most interesting vegan hotels around for many reasons. A private property nestled in lush tropical surroundings, it is a perfect destination for those with a taste for seafaring histories. The food that is served Amilla Fushi is based on a definite vegan philosophy; all ingredients used are natural and the dishes made are nutritious without compromising on deliciousness. Also, be sure to check out the retreat packages at the hotel’s in-house spa.



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A sculpted view all on its own, Villa Dei Campi lies near Gavardo’s Lake Garda and includes stunningly traditional stone farmhouses. The boutique hotel’s chic ambience, coupled with the famed zest of the Gavardo community, makes one’s stay memorable and truly exceptional. One of the things that strike you about Villa Dei Campi is its facilities of outdoor pool, saunas, and steam baths.



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If there’s only one word we could use to describe Biohotel Carpe Diem, it’s definitely “charming”. Situated in Prerow’s lush surroundings, this vegan hotel certainly offers excellent ambience. Carpe Diem is situated close to the Baltic Sea and nearby Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park, which means you have quick access to cooling sea breeze and foresty feel. All hotel guests are encouraged to follow an organic lifestyle that extends beyond their stay here. We believe it won’t be hard a feat, considering that the foods served here is as fresh and wholesome as they come.



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Situated in Bali’s Nusa Dua, The Balé allows for an excellent opportunity to enjoy the luxury of staying at a private tropical retreat where self-discovery and cleanse programs are abundant. Whatever your taste in vegan food, you can be sure that it will be served at the hotel. For newbies who totally want to master vegan eating at home later, there are cooking classes available that can help them learn to cook tastefully healthy vegan staples.



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This beautiful estate is not just a vegan hotel, it is a sanctuary where guests get to learn about and embrace the Ayurvedic way of life. At the very center of everything that goes on in Kalari Kovilakom is appreciation and utmost respect for nature’s cycles. Their philosophy of respect and kindness also extends to animals and other forms of life. There is a solar plant that provides power source to the hotel’s greenhouses; all the foods served here are sourced from the organic gardens there.



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If ever you find yourself in Austria, do book a stay at Biohotel Flachauerhof. Located at the heart of the quaint Flachau, the hotel’s motto is to serve conscious joy to its customers in every way. Don’t worry about being distracted by any sights of smell of rindsuppe (Austrian beef soup) here; only up pure vegetarian and vegan foods are available! With the Biohotel’s scenic and tranquil surroundings, you will definitely be inspired to stay on course with your natural living routines.

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