5 nightlife hotspots to conquer in Taipei

5 nightlife hotspots to conquer in Taipei

Today, Taipei is one of the best cult destinations to exist, and for a good reason. The city never sleeps, giving long-standing metropolitans such as Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong a run for their money. Besides hosting some of the world’s best boutique accommodations and eateries favoured, Taipei City is also known for its party circuit favoured by young travelers. Whether high-end and publicised or underground and hush-hush, there is always a special place for every type of nightlife maven. Below are five hotspots that you should not miss when staying or transiting in town.

#1. Korner


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A huge fan of techno music, or simply looking for something different than your usual EDM or houseplaying club? Head over to the beautifully industrial Korner, where you can find yourself awed by its underground scene headlined by some of the cult techno DJs around. Music here is almost always minimal and clean, so expect none of that typical Top 40 stuff upon entry!
Located at B1, No. 200, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei City

#2. Myst


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Myst is downright famous. So it’s not surprising that it was featured in an introductory scene in Luc Besson’s movie Lucy (think a dancing Scarlett Johansson before her existential ordeal began). Being one of the most expensive nightlife establishments sure doesn’t stop Myst from filling up on weekends. Overall, this beautiful neon-lit club has 3 rooms. Locals tend to dance non-stop to EDM and house music in the first room, while expats prefer to gyrate to hip hop and Rn’B in the second. The third room is for VIPs only, so no sashaying about in there unless invited!
Located in ATT4FUN, 12, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

#3. 1001 Nights Taipei


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Taking a leaf out of Sinbad’s book, 1001 Nights Taipei is a dreamy place decked in Middle-Eastern jewels and literary nuances. Opened nightly, the restaurant and pub takes pride in serving the best shisha and Iranian black tea in town. Locals and tourists usually come here not only to drink, chat and laugh in merriment, but also groove to light, heartfelt dance music. On some nights though, things get more heated. If you’re lucky, you get to catch professional pole dancers, belly dancers and other performers breaking out series of breathtaking showmanship.
Located at 8, Section 5, Nanjing E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City



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If fancy or whimsical cocktails are more of your thing than anything else, you must pay a visit to WOOBAR at least once before exiting Taipei. Here, bartenders are as innovative as they come, so feel free to unleash your heart’s desires and have them transmuted into a loveable drink. If you visit WOOBAR during the day, you get to make the most of its stylish, lounge-y perimeters. A visit at night meanwhile tells a moodier, more cinematic story to go with your favourite flavours.
Located at 110, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

#5. Alchemy Speakeasy Bar Taipei


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Apparently, people come to Alchemy to be transported back into the 1920s to revive the experience of secret drinking during the Prohibition Era. The secrecy is simulated right from the start; to enter the underground speakeasy, one would have to locate a secret pathway and then access the main perimeters with a special passcode. Sounds like a heavenly walk down memory lane to us!

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