7 destinations perfect for adrenalin junkies

7 destinations perfect for adrenalin junkies

Sometimes, the best way to make the most of life is to let go and fully surrender to the present moment. Like many adrenalin junkies out there would tell you, there is truly nothing like the experience of total euphoria while being surrounded by nature. Loving how that sounds, but don’t know where to start? From jumping off the Meru Peak to scuba diving in the Riviera Maya, enjoy the best of extreme travel at these seven adventure-focused destinations.

#1. Dubai, UAE


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Dubai is not usually the first place that comes to mind when it comes to getting some adrenalin fix, but it definitely should be. The city’s breathtaking Palm Jumeirah Island, for one, is considered the best destination for wingsuit flying. Expect to bask in the breathtaking view of the Persian Gulf, as you scream your lungs off from 13,000 feet up!

#2. Garhwal Himalayas, India


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Have you recently glanced at a BASE jumping video on Facebook, and thought you just need to try it out? Then, you must certainly experience it at the Meru Peak in the Himalayas. Measuring more than 21,000 feet high, the mountain is currently the world’s tallest BASE site. The route up to the peak is known to be one of the most challenging climbs to exist, so it’s best that you optimise your fitness level and hiking skills first before embarking on this curvy adventure.

#3. Olla de San Vicente, Spain


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Water babies with a penchant for extremities will love the crystalline offerings of Olla de San Vicente.The destination’s famed lagoon, quirkily called Cooking Pot, is a cult choice among wild swimmers in Spain. When not too busy making big splashes and beating against water currents, one can explore the limestone environment and small meadows surrounding the site.

#4. Tulum, Mexico


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When in Tulum, embrace its deep ancient waters. The Riviera Maya is considered a sacred site in Mayan culture for a reason; it holds one of the most majestic coral reefs and underwater cave networks ever known to mankind. Embark on a diving excursion to explore the Maya’s awe-inspiring relics and rich marine life to your heart’s content.

#5. The Sahara Desert, North Africa


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The Sahara has been the subject of various folklores, mythologies and spiritual parables around the globe. To journey across its arid plane is considered sacrilegious, and is still practiced today. Want to embark on an unforge`able adventure worthy of Indiana Jones? Join a camel caravan to trek across the Great Desert, and experience beautiful oases and sandy dunes along the way. Don’t forget to pack an abundant supply of water — the Saharan environment can be extremely hot and dry!

#6. Ardeche, France


Looking to experience some canyon-jumping? Head over to Ardeche, France, where you can find the Vercors Regional Natural Park. There, the sloping canyon of the Gorges of Haute Borne will get you jumping, zip-lining, and abseiling your way around natural formations. Don’t be surprised to find yourself occasionally laughing or screaming out loud as you experience the fortitude of its rocks and the rush of its swimming passages.

#7. Arizona, USA


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Last but not least on our list is the Grand Canyon National Park, where one can get high on the thrills of white-water rading down the Colorado River. Clearly breaking the “hiking only” stigma, the park offers the service of river concessionaires, who will help outline a unique itinerary and guide your trip upon arrival. Note that this activity is only available from March to October every year, so it’s best that you plan out your river-cruising adventure in advance.

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