6 Travel Songs That Make You Want To Pack And Go Right Now

6 Travel Songs That Make You Want To Pack And Go Right Now

Music is one of the best ways to enhance our quality of life. It helps us put into words the emotions that we feel in a given moment or situation. So imagine the spark they would add to your travel journeys! Times we would need pick-me-ups on foreign soils, good soundtracks can be there for us, retrievable in a second thanks to apps such as Spotify, Youtube and iTunes. All you need is a great Internet connection and a spirit-boosting playlist. If you don’t already have choices of your own, consider our top six favourite tunes to get you started and keep you inspired.

#1. “Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2


Part of the band’s​The Joshua Tree(1987) album, the track is as high-spirited as its title suggests. It’s perfect to start your adventure with, especially if it’s on the road. The song relies on a quiet, gradual build of organ chords and guitar riffs to inspire a sense of momentum. And by the time frontman Bono’s vocals hit the air, you are sold. He sings, “I want to run/I want to hide/I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside.” If you think about it, the unassuming nature of discovery implied in this song is what traveling has always been about.

#2. “Wandering” by Radical Face


As its name would suggest, this song is perfect for backpackers not keen on settling in life just yet. Look at how wonderful its lyrics go: “Well, I know it’s a good life/Yeah, I know it’s a good life/But I’ve gotta keep moving/I was made to keep moving/And I know it’s a long shot/It was always a long shot But I’m trusting my aim now.” Whenever we listen to it, this song gives us hope that our travels will always teach us life-fulfilling lessons. At the bare minimum, it reassures us that extending our annual vacations are okay, because we deserve it!

#3. “Mind Mischief” by Tame Impala


This is a great piece of work to listen to, to honour that side of us that wants to seize the day, and keep things fun and spontaneous. Hailing from Australia, Tame Impala is known for their psychedelic resonations and surrendering coos. Their sounds will inspire you to pursue the unthinkable. Check out their words for this particular track: “No more gettin’ it wrong/It’ll be frozen here on/It’s forever, we’ll see/No more guessin’ for me.” While the song talks of a lost love, it does give us a bit of perspective on the bouts of indecision we face when making travel plans. Sometimes, we just need to go with the flow, and follow our hearts. After all, enjoyment is best served unexpected.

#4. “Solitude” by M83


Some of us travel the distance to renew bonds with loved ones, while others do so to some alone time. If you are one of the travelers falling into the latter category, then this song by French electronic band M83 is for you. There’s a sense of raw sadness and melancholy in its unfolding melody that makes us think about Mother Nature and how accessing all parts of her on our travels helps us heal ourselves. Its reflected in the following stamp of lyrics: “You gotta go where I cry/And take in all the tears/I want to see if you can try/Drink a little bit of me.”

#5. “Jungle” by Panama


For those embarking on a tropical trip, this upbeat song can a great narrator of your adventure. While it doesn’t literally speak about experiences on the Equator, it does give you a sense of wonder and discovery. Such is evident in the way the track evens out with its electronic beats over the following existential musing, “In the jungle of your heart/I don’t know if it’s all over.”

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