7 unexpected places to say “I do” in 2017

7 unexpected places to say “I do” in 2017

Weddings are one of the best events in life hallmarking the contentment and growth we share with our romantic partners. The best way to make a wedding memorable is to ensure that it takes place at the right location. For those of you who long for a scenic wedding in far-flung destinations, take note! The following seven destinations are as fresh, dreamy, and fantastical as they get—perfect for celebrating true love.



Thirsting for a movie-worthy celebration? Take it to Tahiti’s hidden gem Tetiaroa. The island paradise is famed for being the place where Marlon Brando fell in love with his co-star Tarita Cheyenne on the set of their movie Mutiny on the Bounty (1962). Relive their love story at The Brando, a majestic luxury resort operated and maintained by Brando and Cheyenne’sdescendants. With a backdrop of pearly white sands and the azure Pacific waters, your wedding will be the talk of the century among your guests.



From its colours and sounds to its smells and tastes, everything about Morocco tantalises thesenses. Consider Marrakech for your big day. There, it’s all about terracotta walls, geometric decors, spicy teas and incandescent lanterns. Inject all those inspirations into your wedding for a Harlem-chic celebration. Note: for a bespoke Moroccan ceremony like no other, consider the services of eminent wedding planner Party Maroc for insights and assistance. We hear they are the best in town.



Uruguay’s Jose Ignacio is perfect for lovebirds looking to christen their vows with South American sea breeze. A former fishing village, the nautical town is loved for its colonial architecture, fresh seafood, and balmy nightlife. A perfect choice for small, intimate, and youthful ceremonies, Jose Ignacio’s built and culture caters to all kinds of event ideas. Feast your eyes on these beautiful venues at Venue Report before ultimately narrowing down your dream choice. Our favourite picks: the barnyard-inspired La Susana, and The Vines Resort overlooking Tunuyán mountains.



Dubbed one of the world’s best hipster destinations to date, New Orleans is a treasure trove of eccentric hotels doubling as wedding venues perfect for loud and larger-than-life young couples. After all, the Big Easy is notable for its annual hosting of the Mardi Gras festivities! Not sure where to start? Visit Ace Hotel, the newly opened nine-floor boutique accommodation in Warehouse District, for some Art Deco inspiration. For a garden wedding glazed with a perennial Southern feel, check out The Henry Howard Hotel. If plantation weddings are more of your thing, there’s the South Oak Plantation for grabs



Best known as the setting of Bram Stoker’s romantic horror story Dracula, Transylvania is a destination to consider if you want to do the complete unthinkable. We all know that Dracula’s longing for Mina Harker, the lover of hero Jonathan Harker, is representative of unrequited love. But it doesn’t have to be the case with your own romance! Rewrite love, as you celebrate your story in view of the majestic Carpathian Mountains. Our eyes are on Sighişoara, the birthplace of Dracula, for the place to concretise your love bond.



Those of you looking to make a stargazing affair out of your wedding should definitely take in Sutherland as an option. The South African town sits still atop Roggeveld Mountain, in the Karoo, also known as one of the world’s best stargazing sites. Embedded deep in the middle of Sutherland is Kambrokind B&B, a cosy cottage estate featuring a sandstone farmhouse, a caravan park, and 32 guesthouses. Its beautiful barnyard structure ensures that your wedding is not only memorable, but also photogenic.



Formerly referred to as the Mewar Kingdom, Udaipur is saturated with Rajasthani history and heritage. The city’s regal atmosphere is highly suitable for grand weddings with a big attendance score. To marry like a king, one must also take into account the scale of his scenery. Make the most out of Udaipur’s sculpted mountains at Chunda Palace, indulge in a lake-themed celebration at The Royal Retreat Resort & Spa, or reconnect with your guests in ambient lodge surroundings at Ram Pratap Palace.

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