8 Of The Best Beaches Of The World

8 Of The Best Beaches Of The World

Planning your holiday can be a thrilling time; the potential of a far off beach and lazy days, away from the tensions of the world is hard to struggle. Conversely, some holiday makers flop to plot their holiday and sometimes agonized is satisfaction with their chosen destination. The science of beaches offers you to the escape from the daily boring routine. Selecting a beach is not a difficult task now. Here are the exciting and naturalistic beaches which you cannot afford to miss at any cost.

1. Vík í Mýrdal

Vík is a small village in South Iceland, with about 300 inhabitants. Its position comes mainly from the statistic that it’s situated about half-way along the south coast, and it’s one of the few villages actually on the sandy beach that makes up most of the south coast. Visit this beach to mesmerize your soul. The greenery around the beach with the combination of the crystal clear water gives matchless experience.

2. KoPha Ngan

KoPha Ngan is an island in southeast Thailand that’s well-known for its scheduled Full Moon Party. This lively night-long festivity, which is knotted to the lunar calendar draws celebrators to its southeastern peninsula. Most celebrations focus on Sunrise Beach, whose beach huts fascinate a hitchhiker crowd. On the north coast lie quieter, white-sand beaches including Hat Khuat and Hat Thian. Lining the east coast are sheltered beaches like the palm-fringed Ao Thong Nai Pan. All over KoPha Ngan are fashionable spas, Thai kickboxing camps, and meditation and yoga havens like those obtainable at the Buddhist monastery of Wat KhaoTham.

3. Sola

A very nice sand beach directly fronting the North Sea. Very nice and clean, pure sand with sand banks behind the beach gives you the opportunity to have the best of all experiences. No annoying sandy feels as it provides parking on both side. So just rush out from your car and have a walk!

4. Lanzarote

Visiting Africa for luxury safaris? Then add this destination on your list to experience the year-round warm weather and volcanic landscape. Timanfaya National Park’s stony landscape was formed by volcanic outbreaks in the 1730s. Cueva de los Verdes has caves formed by a subversive river of lava. East-coast resort Puerto del Carmen is home to white washed villas, beaches and dive centers.

5. Pink Sand Beach

When you reflect of the Bahamas, you visualize fancy resorts and casinos coating the beaches of Nassau and Paradise Island. However, you are absent out the real gem! If you are looking to discover heaven, head to Harbor Island for three miles of perfectly pink sand and gentle waves progressing on the shore line. The sand gets its color from infinitesimal shelled animals known as Foraminifera, which live on the underneath of the reefs and the sea floor. So do you prefer a perfect tropical vacation? Head to Bahamas!

6. Bioluminescent Beach

If you are anticipating a walk between the stars, then you need to head to Maldives. Due to the distress of a convinced kind of plankton, humanity has been treated to one of the supreme magnificent views ever. As you gait on the beach in the blackness of night, the whole sea is enlightened by waves and waves of radiant blue lights, which wash up the seashore with such attractive splendor, that you can’t help but stare. Put this on your bucket list!

7. Glass Beach

If you a beach searching fanatic, this is the place for you. The coastline of the Glass Beach is enclosed with millions of blue, clear, aqua and brown sea glass gravels. A lot of the glass on the shore comes from old bottles, flasks and regular glass objects that have been smoothened by the ocean over the last couple of years.

8. Bells Beach

Besides being super scenic, it’s also home to the Rip Curl Pro –the world’s longest-running surfing competition. You know, supposing you’re an active beach-goer. This Australian beach is must visit to add thrill whether you are off for holiday or out for a business travel make sure not to miss this sight!

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