Whiskey Tours In Ireland

Whiskey Tours In Ireland

If you have ever wanted to explore Ireland’s unique whiskey culture and try some of the world’s finest Irish spirits you should consider planning a whiskey tour for your next trip to Ireland. People around the world visit Ireland every year just to take in some of its oldest distilleries.
With beautiful locations, awe-inspiring scenery, fantastic accommodations and world-class whiskey up for the tasting, Fayyaz Travels can help you customize a travel package to Ireland as per your requirements.
Some of the top distilleries that you can visit along the Irish whiskey trail might include:


Located towards the top of Ireland this distillery has been around since of year 1608. You can find a wide range of single malts, blends and the classic Black Bush. Going to this distillery is one of the only place where you can get distillery reserve selections and the scenery surrounding your trip to Northern Ireland is well worth going for a tasting. This is also one of the oldest distilleries in Ireland which will resonate well with history buffs.


Jameson produces some extremely popular whiskey and it’s distillery is located in the city limits of Dublin as a museum. You can explore the history of whiskey making here or organize a tour of the actual Jamison distillery which is in use today. Although this distillery was closed in 1971 there are still select reserves available in the gift shop as well as tastings done here.


Just an hour west of Dublin you can explore the history of a distillery that was built in the year 1757 and closed up in 1957. The distillery has since been reopened and they are producing Irish whiskey at a regular rate since 2007. See how this distillery has become revitalized and try some historical whiskey recipes here.


You can visit both of the Tullamore distilleries in the same day as they are located 10 to 15 min. south of Killbeggan. There’s a beautiful space for tourists to enjoy whiskey tasting in a rustic environment and to try out some unique Irish singletons in the DEW visitor center.

Keep some of these top distilleries in mind as part of your whiskey tours in Ireland and do remember that Fayyaz Travels can help you with having a memorable whiskey tour. You can leave your flights and accommodation to us and enjoy a hassle free Ireland trip!

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