7 Meals That Restore Your Faith In Airline Cuisine

7 Meals That Restore Your Faith In Airline Cuisine

Who ever said plane food can’t be delicious?

The mention of inflight meals would usually incur reactions of distaste and visions of arid food lacking of flavour. But times are a-changing, evident in the transformation of airline menus everywhere. Not only are airplane food these days better in taste and texture, they are also distinguishably branded, winning global recognition—and nominations—as they bounce into existence. The most important indicator of a well-prepped inflight meal is that it is as nutritious as it is tasty and fulfilling. Below are seven scrumptious meals that put an end to all the jokes ever made about airplane food.

1. Curry Chicken Rice by Cathay Pacific


Not one to leave their customers untouched by their local culture, Cathay Pacific has been whipping up delectable Hong Kong staples since 2010. True to form, they strive to provide “a feeling of home for local passengers” while introducing “new and exciting tastes to travelers from around the world”. There are many meals to choose from, such as traditionally prepared congee and wonton. But the best to start with is their massively raved about Hong Kong-style curry chicken, served with jasmine rice, salad, and Haagen-Dazs ice-cream.

2. Grilled Steak by Pegasus Airlines


An option to behold when flying with Turkish carrier Pegasus Airlines, this meal is, in the words of airline food reviewer Nik Loukas, the best inflight steak you’ll ever have. The beef fillet is served with a generous side of grilled vegetables, baked potatoes, and Turkish salad. Rounding off the scrumptious meal is a slice of their signature chocolate cake, served together with the dish.

3. Classic Arabic Mezze by Qatar Airways


Why not surrender to some Middle Eastern delight when you fly Qatar Airways? Check out their classic Arabic mezze, an option available in all flight classes. Arabic food is all about spice, so if you’re worried about blandness, fret not. Brace yourself for the flavourful assortment of muhammara, hummus, tabbouleh, and lahim bil agine that comes equipped by soft Arabic bread.

4. Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak by AirAsia


If you’re traveling across Asia via low-cost carrier AirAsia, don’t forget to try the airline’s signature nasi lemak dish as it is a must-try. Countlessly raved since its introduction into their menu, the dish is always the first item to sell out in every flight, which is why it’s a must to book it online in advance. Available for both domestic and international flights, the nasi lemak is especially known for its sambal (spicy chili condiment), tender chicken rendang (special meat sauce) and crunchy fried anchovies.

5. Ravioli by TAM Airlines


Want a taste of Brazilian versatility well before touching down on her soil? Order some tomato ravioli for yourself when boarding a TAM Airlines flight. While you’re at it, enjoy a glass or two of red wine. The carrier’s inflight menu is designed to pair well with various wines gathered from all around the world.

6. “Flight Bites” Tapas by Virgin America


It’s hard to stay grounded with all the tapas served on the ground, but who knew Virgin America would interpret the Spanish dish so well? Their boxed “Flight Bites” salad assortment testifies. The box comes with fresh selections that change from time to time, but do expected popular comebacks of options such as mozzarella and roasted tomato with capers, Spanish chicken and artichoke salad, bite-sized savouries outfitted in laced with ponzu dressing.

7. Do & Co Breakfast Platters by Austrian Airlines


Austrian Airlines’s breakfast menu could rival your best early morning food memories on the ground. Ranging from chicken schnitzel to fresh bento boxes, their signature Do & Co à la carte meals are extremely popular. So don’t forget to book place your order online, 24 hours before your flight!

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