5 Airport Styles For The Fashion Forward Jetsetter

5 Airport Styles For The Fashion Forward Jetsetter

With these staples, you will never fall short of stylish when on the go.

Victoria Beckham, arguably the world’s most fashion-forward celebrity, once said that the airport is her runway. To that, we raise our metaphorical glasses. They say, when you feel good, you look good—and vice versa. While clothes and appearance are not the most important things in life, they do make one feel a lot better while enduring important life experiences—including traveling!

When it comes to traveler’s fashion, a lot of emphasis is about ‘holiday looks’ when one is already at their destination. But what about at the airport? Isn’t the arrival and departure hub a great place to show off your jet-setting style? If anything, conquering your airport style indicative of your ability to care for how you feel about yourself from the get go (plus, it’s a good way to emotionally manage any fatigue!). With that in mind, here are five style staples that take you from drab to fab when checking in for your eventual adventure.

1. A neutral outfit.


Think earthy tones such as beige, forest green, maroon, baby blue, black, and white. While they are muted in hue, they are anything but in every other aspect. Tried and tested by many jetsetting A-listers such as Tilda Swinton, Karlie Kloss, Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie, these colours render one’s style timelessly luxurious. At the same time, they also act as backgrounds for more colourful statement accessories to shine. To keep things interesting and textured, try mixing and matching several neutral tones. Refrain from going too matchy matchy; such can make your entire attire look bland

2. Statement accessories.

Many great jetsetting looks have one thing in common: statement accessories. Instead of letting your garments do the talking, rely on signature adornments to indicate to onlookers your style signature. Whether it’s a pair of sturdy sunglasses, an eye-catching bangle or a chunky knit scarf, there’s always an accompanying piece to suit every individual. Whatever that works for you, wear it! Just be sure not to pile too many favourites at one go; you wouldn’t want to look overdressed and feel weighed down.

3. Sleek headphones.


What’s an enjoyable flight without good music? Make the audial affair up in the air even sweeter with killer headphones that look good, both when worn and used or hanged on your neck. Our favourite headphones in the market: Beats by Dre, LSTN Troubadours, and this Audeze EL-8 beauty. You get the idea!

4. A minimalistic hand-carry.


The sleekness of your overall airport look can be ultimately narrowed down to your choice of hand luggage. The best ones out there not only accommodate your traveling essentials well, they are also aesthetically pleasing. Like your worn apparels, your hand luggage looks best when it doesn’t call for too much attention, although designed well and cleverly placed, details such as pockets, outer compartments and buttons can make a huge difference.

5. Easygoing shoes.

Nothing makes or breaks your comfort while traveling quite like your choice of shoes. While there is no rule that says you can’t wear your heels on the go, it’s definitely better for your feet that you skip your usual added heights and opt for well-designed flat footwear. Whether a pair of slip-ons, mules, boots or sneakers, flat shoes are the best way to walk the mile with ease and confidence.

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