10 Apps Every Traveler Should Have On Their Phone

10 Apps Every Traveler Should Have On Their Phone

Why risk fuss and delay when you can have a seamless journey?

Technology makes travel arrangements easier to manage. Gone are the days of cornering local strangers for guides and information on the city you’re in. These days, every information we need is a click away via our palm-sized screens. While it’s important to disconnect from the Internet and silent our gadgets when basking in new experiences abroad, there is no harm in being

technologically prepared during our adventures. Convenience and safety are, after all, two vital components of every trip we take, so why not have these 10 apps on standby? Download them and you’ll know why they work in helping you manage your travels

1. Google Trips

A relatively new addition to Google’s series of smart apps, Trips allows you to stay on top of your reservations. With information pulled from your email, the app synchronises your hotel bookings, car rental schedules, reminders and Google Calendar entries. If you’re worried about shaky Internet connection, fret not! This app enables offline data storage, so you can always access your itinerary at any time, and any point of your trip.

2. Uber

Most cities in the world today facilitate Uber rides, so why lose your head over rushing cabs? With a tap on the Uber app, you instantly secure your mobility to and fro ground destinations. Not only that, you can also get acquainted with your new environment by chatting with your Uber driver.

3. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is definitely a godsend for when you need to book a hotel room at the last minute. Its convenient price filters allows you to make selections friendly to your budget and timeframe.

4. Waze

This is a great app to have on standby, because who knows when your Uber or cab drivers would fail to stick on the right course of traffic! Waze focuses on turn-by-turn navigations, and what’s great about it is that it works on an underlying network of tips and information on accidents, road closures, and police whereabouts, all contributed by online Wazers.

5. Google Maps

Much like Waze, Google Maps is great to help with navigation by car. But unlike the former, the app has a specialised focus on landmarks, making it somewhat like a traditional map. A favourite feature of ours would be its list of transportation options and additional information on popular pitstops.

6. Skyscanner

Since the invention of Skyscanner, many people across the globe have a better chance at traveling the world. Also available in a website version, the app lists down the best airline discounts as well as hotel and car hire packages from time to time. In an attempt to engage with its users, Skyscanner has also introduced the ‘Explore’ tab, where one can check out popular destinations and best deals of the month. Life is short, so make use of this app every time you want to fly off!

7. Packpoint

A travel checklist is always important to ensure you are aware of your packed things, but curating it can often be mentally draining. This is why Packpoint is a great tool to have with you. On top of bring your packing assistant, the app also provides weather forecasts around which you organise your trip. And based on the activities you may engage in, such as a business meeting, a diving excursion, or a night out in town, Packpoint will help suggest potential items to bring with you. The best part of it all? You can share the list with a friend who is also on the app.

8. Yelp

Not sure of what to do in a foreign destination? Enlist the help of Yelp! first introduced in the U.S., the app is now available in many countries around the world. Dubbed the Yellow Pages of apps, Yelp is an excellent help to refer to during the times when you just can’t help wondering where to eat, visit, and relax at. Its best feature would be the honest reviews attached to a listed place, as well as additional information concerning its operational hours, phone numbers, and menus.

9. Google Translate

Thanks to Google Translate, you will never be left agape with prolonged confusion. Like its name would suggest, the app helps translate 103 different languages, making it easier to digest signages and instructions outlined in foreign tongues. Beyond translation, the app also allows for a personalised experience; you can star newfound favourite words and sentences for offline access.

10. Whatsapp

You will never know how important Whatsapp is until our lines are barred overseas (which we hope will never happen to you!). As long as there is Internet connection, the app allows you to call and text the contacts you have saved in your phone. With it, you don’t have to waste time and resources getting a local sim card for your phone—unless you want to, of course!

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