8 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

8 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Because the most valuable asset in your journey is you.

Traveling is always fun and inspiring, but it can get tiring for the mind and body. It is therefore imperative that you take some time to plan out the ways with which you can optimise your physical and mental health while abroad. Not sure where to start? Below are some of the tips we have gathered to help inspire you to stay in the pink of health as you explore new territories.

1. Optimise your water consumption.


We don’t have to emphasise how important this is! Before you travel, research your access to clean water in the country or city you’re headed for. Contaminated drinking water is a leading source of most health breakdowns abroad, chief among which is bacterial infection. Not every destination is fit for tap water drinking, so it’s always best to find out before you dive in. Better yet, stay on the safe side with bottled water. If that’s not an available option, you can resort to water boiling; the process purifies water by killing most microorganisms usually contained in unfiltered tap water.

2. Bring mini snacks with you wherever you go.


When traveling, make a point to pack small dry bites in your hand luggage. Since you are what you eat, it’s always great to keep your options nutritious and healthy. Some of our favourites include muesli bars, almond nuts, dried fruits, and whole-meal biscuits. Also, remember to stash a couple of snacks in your knapsack as you enjoy your ground adventures. Sometimes, in our excitement to bask in our new environments, we forget to feed ourselves properly and accordingly. So always fuel up on the go; you wouldn’t want your trip to be ruined by gastric!

3. Don’t forget to pack your exercise mat.


Traveling is all about maximising time and exploring new topographies, which can be energetically taxing. It’s therefore wise to regulate your energy levels by doing light exercises in the morning, before walking out your hotel door. Packing your exercise mat, for one, ensures that you are motivated to abide by this early routine while abroad. You will always feel great after working some stretches, whether via yoga or some lightweight cardio reps.

4. Let your running shoes tag along.


Nothing like running on new grounds to stay fit and happy. You get to improve your blood flow and marvel over foreign landscapes at the same time! Imagine all the added experiences you would get, when exploring nooks and corners in great detail during your morning jogs.

Running is also known to combat jet lag resulting from long-distance travel. Getting your leg game on is probably the last thing you’d want to do immediately after a long-haul flight, but doing it as soon as you can allows you to get over you jet lag much quicker than usual.

5. Always carry lavender oil if you can.


While they shouldn’t replace clinical treatments in severe medical cases, essential oils are known to improve minor health issues and discomforts when applied. Not only that, they can also improve your mood and mental wellbeing. One of the most universal and versatile oils you could benefit from is lavender oil. Its calming scent is good for enduring long-haul flights or vehicle rides, and its antiseptic properties, significant in healing wounds. Since you can never predict your next cut, bump or bruise, you should definitely consider carrying a small bottle of this elixir around with you at all times.

6. Read or watch the news every morning.


Mindfulness really goes hand in hand with physical wellbeing. Being aware of your surroundings, both physically and socially, ensures safety. A good way to stay conscious is to get your dose of local news each morning, before you set off for the day. If the news are delivered in a non-English language, try inquiring for international newspapers or channels.
Being aware of current affairs helps you to understand local sensitivities and thus appreciate the foreign cultures you’re about to learn and explore. This habit also allows you to stay safe. If there’s one thing that fool-proofs your adventures, it’s being able to sniff possible trouble and stay out of it.

7. Always be ready with a good playlist.


There will be times when even conversations could not do justice to your perception of new things, activities, and sceneries. This is where music can come into play to facilitate your experience and transport you into different times. Music apps such as iTunes and Spotify ensures that you can always customise and escalate your wonders with a travel-themed playlist or two.

8. Get enough sleep.


Every traveler wants to stay up late and experience new things in all of his waking moments on foreign soil. That said, it’s equally important that you reset your energy reserves by getting enough rest each night. Schedule specific dates for when you want to experience local nightlife pursuits. The advanced planning ensures that you can get as much shut-eye as you can during the rest of your trip and have enough energy to enjoy daylit excursions. Trust us, you do not want to look back on your travel photos and be reminded of missed activities!

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